Wood Elements Tempawood

The WOOD ELEMENTS TEMPAWOOD range is a plantation pine which is
chemical free and has been thermally modified making it an extremely stable, durable and sustainable cladding option.


All specifications of TEMPAWOOD are identical to other species in our WOOD ELEMENTS cladding range.

TEMPAWOOD is a cost effective offering within the collection and is also 100% PEFC certified.


A plantation pine that exceeds performance in exterior applications as a result of the timber being naturally treated with high temperatures and very little oxygen. This alters the wood removing resins and food sources for mould and insects. The heat treatment removes the need for any chemicals to be used making it safer for humans and the environment.

Extreme care has been taken in all aspects of Hurford’s Refined Architectural Hardwood Cladding. From the environment to milling and drying, profile and trim design and species selection. Each element plays an important role in the performance of the cladding system.

Coating / Colours

Available as a thermally modified cladding which is coated in either a clear coating for that natural look or TEMPAWOOD can be pre-coated in one of many natural WoodOil Colour options. Hurford’s use Dryden WoodOil, a water-repellent, nonfilming timber protector. It is a migrating oil that protects and enhances the natural appearance of timber. Dryden Colourtones can be added to the WoodOil clear base to provide UV protection and give off a specific tone depending on preference.

There are 18 Colours, darks to lights and everything in between including a more natural, clear option available in the WoodOil range. Contact us to request your sample today. (see below for sample colour options) More Colours are available on request.




Lite Oak




134.5mm (Cover Size 115mm) x 21mm

Designer Profile

Everything about the Designer Profile for TEMPAWOOD is inline and identical to our WOOD ELEMENTS range. Tempawood is simply an additional species which can be custom coated to suit ones style. Collective features include; a straight-line edging process to ensure the cladding is machined to a fine tolerance; relief grooves which are designed to take the stress out of the cladding; a specially designed ridge locater connects with the overlap line controlling the expansion allowance for any timber movement.

Designer Trims

WOOD ELEMENTS trims provide a streamline finish and play an integral part in ensuring a water tight finish. All aluminium trims are factory fitted with waterproof gaskets*, designed to decrease the on-site sealing process, and delivery of loose materials. WOOD ELEMENTS trims are available in a black powder coated chromate treated aluminium.

Design Points

WOOD ELEMENTS is a natural product, a renewable resource, providing an environmental advantage over common building materials. Timber will only perform within the limits of its natural properties, when specifying, it’s critical that the characteristics and properties of the timber are considered and determine how they will respond to the environment they are placed in.