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Create a striking custom showpiece from the floor up using
Hurford Herringbone engineered parquet flooring.

Each block of Hurford Herringbone is carefully constructed using a prime grade Oak lamella for the wear layer, which is bonded to a strong Eucalyptus plywood core and reinforced with a veneer backing. This type of constructions ensures product stability and quality assurance.

Hurford Herringbone has been produced leaving an unfinished, uncoated RAW surface. RAW is the ideal selection to achieve a custom design vision, with limitless choices of stains and finishes to reflect one’s personal taste or style.

Buy Phentermine Cod, Phentermine Generic Buy Online

Brochure: Phentermine Shop Online
Warranty: Buying Phentermine Uk
Fire Test: Hurford Herringbone Fire Test
Floor Maintenance: Purchase Phentermine Cheap

Buy Phentermine Pink Tablets Order Prescription Phentermine 37.5 Best Site To Buy Phentermine Online

Buy Phentermine Cod, Phentermine Generic Buy Online

Manufactured in a world class mill, Naked Oak is a masterful combination of genuine European Oak bonded to a strong plantation eucalypt plywood core. The engineered profile features kissed edges on all four borders, to create an overall dimensional look, and a traditional tongue and groove locking system for easy installation.

Each lamella has been exclusively sorted and graded, with only the highest quality oak qualifying for production.

Naked Oak is finished using a wire brushing technique, removing the soft grain to create a surface with natural depth and texture. The uninterrupted topographic like grain of the Oak is accentuated with a Natural stain which simultaneously illuminates the distinct almond, blonde tones to the deep champagne hues of the heartwood.


Naked Oak is available in RAW; a finely sanded, square edged, unfinished product. Designed to be stained and finished on-site. RAW is the ideal selection to achieve a custom design vision, with limitless choices of stains and finishes to reflect one’s personal taste or style.

Download for more information…

Brochure: Naked Oak Brochure
Installation Guide: Naked Oak Install Guide
Warranty: Naked Oak Warranty
Slip Test: Buy Adipex 37.5 Online
Floor Maintenance: Purchase Phentermine Cheap

Phentermine Tablets Buy Online  Phentermine Online Prescription Consultation  Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks

WALK on your very own REAL Hardwood floor today. In the hectic world we all
live in, its nice to be able to take the time and WALK on a beautiful Engineered Hardwood floor.

With its unique glueless locking system HM WALK is fast and easy to install in your home. HM WALK is and engineered hardwood floor, which means that the surface you WALK on and see is made of strong hardwood, while underneath the surface HM WALK uses an extremely stable 9 ply construction made of plantation Eucalypt. This type of construction ensures the maximum use of our precious hardwood, which in turn is better for the environment.

NEW SPECIES AVAILABLE: American White Oak 186mm x 13.5mm

Download for more information…

Brochure: HM Walk Brochure
Installation Guide: Legitimate Phentermine Online 2013
Technical Specifications: Buy Adipex From The Uk
Warranty: HM Walk Warranty
Fire Test: Order Phentermine 37.5Mg
Slip Test: Where Can I Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablet
Floor Maintenance: Caring For Your Floors Flyer

      Buy Adipex Online Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Elegant Oak is inspired by the beautiful, old-world features of French décor.

Elegant Oak is a traditional tongue and groove engineered Oak floor. The flooring is manufactured using a genuine French Oak lamella sourced from forests in France. Elegant Oak combines an intense wire brush textured finish with a chic stain to add a touch of flair to any room without over powering it. The 189mm wide boards have a slight bevel on each edge designed to create depth, adding to the wooden floor charm.


Hurford Wholesale also offers RAW, a pre-sanded, square edge and unfinished product, designed to be stained and finished on site. An ideal substitute if the stains in our pre-finished range aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

Download for more information…

Brochure: Elegant Oak Brochure
Installation Guide: Buy Adipex-P 37.5
Warranty: Buy Phentermine Cod Overnight
Certificate of Origin: Elegant Oak Lamella (CO)
Fire Test: Elegant Oak Fire Test
Slip Test: Elegant Oak Slip Test
Floor Maintenance: Where Can I Buy Phentermine Online Canada





Emphasising Australia’s much loved classic species, Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Brush Box, Ironbark & Spotted Gum.

Australian Native provides that organic, natural, warm feeling. The pre-finished range features a square edge profile and an ultra matt finish, to achieve a floor that’s earthy and effortless. Manufactured using a low shrinkage and eco-friendly Hevea as the core material and a tough Australian hardwood lamella for the wear layer, produces a product that’s consistent in quality and structural stability. Australian Natives construction also incorporates a licensed Valinge click system, using a single action installation method, which saves time and ensures you can enjoy your new floor instantly.

Utilising the latest in environmentally friendly UV coatings, our 6 coat system delivers a floor finish similar to a stylish oiled floor but with the durability and protection a UV lacquer offers. Australian Native engineered flooring provides a practical yet stylish option suited for day-to-day use in most applications.


Download for more information…

Brochure: Buy Phentermine Over The Counter
Installation Guide: Can You Buy Phentermine In Australia
Warranty: Australian Native Warranty
Fire Test: Buy Phentermine Uk OnlineBuy Phentermine Discount
Slip Test: Australian Native Slip Test
Floor Maintenance: Buy Phentermine From China


Luxury in any space brings the feeling of style and sophistication,
and starts from the floor up.

First Floors is a premium engineered floor, with its slightly textured surface and modern matt oil finish it is the perfect choice for interiors of distinction. With the coastal golden rays of Blackbutt, the attractive wild warmth of Spotted Gum and the deep rich tones of Roasted Peat this boutique collection offers only the finest from our Australian species.

Roasted Peat, is an Australian Hardwood that has been through a thermal modification process that uses no chemicals to permanently alter the structure of the wood fibre. This process greatly increases the stability and density of the hardwood, as well as locking in the gorgeous deep earth to chocolate brown colour tones.

Download for more information…

Brochure: First Floors Brochure
Installation Guide: First Floors Install Guide
Warranty: First Floors Warranty
Fire Test: Prescription Strength Phentermine Online, Buy Phentermine Hcl, Buy Phentermine Powder
Slip Test: Buy Adipex Alternative
Floor Maintenance: Best Phentermine Pills Online

Buy Phentramin-D At Walmart    Phentermine 15Mg Buy Online


A new age of practicality, performance and aesthetic appeal.

Natural Impressionist is a Replica Timber Plank that utilises the latest technology to produce the stunning visual effect of a beautiful natural hardwood floor. Natural impressionist uses photo-realism images to produce a high definition reproduction of classic hardwoods, which is available in 8 modern colour tones.

Natural Impressionist incorporates the Välinge patented licensed click system for a quick and easy glueless installation. Natural Impressionist Replica Timber Plank can be installed over virtually any flat, dry substrate including in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Its natural timber texture not only creates an emotive connection to the floor, but adds a practical non-slip surface that is quiet underfoot.

For a practical, hard wearing & economical flooring solution suitable for most applications, Natural Impressionist Replica Timber Plank is a superb choice.

Download for more information…

Brochure: Natural Impressionist Brochure
Installation Guide: Buy Phentermine A 159
Warranty: Natural Impressionist Warranty
Slip Tests: Buy Phentermine 37.5 UsaPhentermine Buy Online AustraliaBuy Phentermine 375 In Australia, Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5MgBuy Phentermine 30Mg YellowPhentermine Doctor OnlineBuy Phentermine With No Prescription, Buy Phentermine Locally,
Overall Test: Buy Phentermine Online Uk Delivery
Floor Maintenance: Best Phentermine Pills Online

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Hurford Flooring Underlay

Hurford Flooring HUSHwalk Underlay is designed to be installed under our engineered hardwood flooring products. The HUSHwalk is a closed-cell underlay, it prevents the flattening out seen in some open-cell foams. Retaining the shape prevents flooring movement and damage to clip lock joints, making for more effective sound control.

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HUSHwalk Underlay (Premium)

  • HUSHWALK is a premium product, denser and quieter under foot. Ideal for commercial projects, apartment buildings etc.
  • Easy to handle 2mm thick x 1m wide
  • Convenient 25M2 rolls
  • Closed cell foam
  • Moisture barrier attached – The PE film and IXPE (Irradiation cross linked polyolefin foam) act together as a moisture barrier
  • HUSHWALK has a slightly thinner film, due to the much higher density of the IXPE foam layer
  • Lay flat polymers for easy installation
  • Double sided tape for joining
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Environmentally friendly, without CFC or HCFC’s