HUSHwalk Underlay (Premium)

Hurford Flooring underlay HUSHwalk has been designed to be installed under our engineered hardwood flooring products.  HUSHwalk is a  closed-cell underlay, which can be more expensive, but prevent the flattening out seen in some open-cell foams. Retaining the shape prevents flooring movement and damage to clip lock joints, making for more effective sound control.

  • HUSHWALK is our premium product, denser and quieter under foot.
  • Ideal for commercial projects, apartment buildings etc.
  • Easy to handle 2mm thick x 1m wide
  • Convenient 25M2 rolls
  • Closed cell foam
  • Moisture barrier attached – The PE film and IXPE (Irradiation cross linked polyolefin foam) act together as a moisture barrier
  • HUSHWALK has a slightly thinner film, due to the much higher density of the IXPE foam layer
  • Lay flat polymers for easy installation
  • Double sided tape for joining
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Environmentally friendly, without CFC or HCFC’s