Hurford Roasted

Hurford Roasted is about creating
a luxurious style when it comes to Australian hardwood flooring.

The Hurford Roasted process metamorphosis the natural colour of hardwood to create a deep rich tone
that penetrates through the wood.

Available in two distinctive tones:
Peat: a natural dark earth hue.
Cayenne: an intimate reddish bronze palette.

Hurford Roasted is a high temperature thermally modified hardwood that uses a custom designed heating program to alter the woods molecular structure. This has many benefits that include locking in the colour, increasing the durability and limiting movement to a fraction of normal kiln dried flooring.

Colours: Peat & Cayenne
Colour penetration: 100% through the board
Grade: Prestige & Rustic
Profile: Tongue & Groove Offset (End Matched)
 86 x 10mm, 83 x 14mm, 128 x 14mm & 178 x 14mm
Ware layer: 5.5mm
Lengths: 600mm – 4500mm (128 & 178mm),
400mm – 2700mm (86 & 83mm)

Downloads about Overlay and Tongue & Groove Solid Floors:

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