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Hurford Wholesale offers different kinds of panel products listed below:

Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online - Buy Adipex Capsules


  • Thickness 3mm to 30mm
  • Sheets Sizes 2135 x 915, 2440 x 1220, 2440 x 1830 2745 x 1220 & 3660 x 1220 (not all thicknesses available in all sizes)
  • Lite-board, Regular, HMR, E0 and E0MR
  • Fire Retardant MDF
  • Super Finish


  • Colour Board
  • White Board
  • Veneer Board
  • High Pressure Laminate
  • The above can be pressed on an arrange of Plywoods & MDF’s
  • Prime Laminate
  • Fire Retardant MDF
  • Bestwood
  • Colour Board
  • White Board
  • Veneer Board
  • Vinyl Board
  • Foil Board


  • 230 x 42 with arised edges for ease of handling
  • Lengths 3000, 3600 & 4200 (other lengths by agreement)


  • Paper Tape
  • Pre Glued PVC



  •  Thickness 4mm to 40m
  • Sheet Sizes 2500 x 1220, 3100 x 1220 & 3100 x 1535 (not all thicknesses available in all sizes)
  • BB/BB Marine Ply
  • WPB Glueline


  • Thickness
  • Sheet Size 2440 x 1220
  • BB/BB Marine Ply
  • WPB Glueline


  • Thickness 4mm to 25mm
  • Sheet Sizes 2400 x 1200, 2440 x 1220, 2700 x 1200
  • Packaging, DD, CD, C+C, BD, BB Grades


  • Thickness
  • Sheet Sizes 2400, 2700, 3000 X 1200
  • 12mm Bandsawn Face Ungrooved
  • 15mm Grooved at 200mm Centers


  • Thickness 9,12 & 17mm
  • Sheet Size 2440 x 1220
  • Plantation Eucalyptus Core